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Varenna is one of the most beautiful towns on the lake shores. It faces beautiful Bellagio to which it is connected by ferry.

The town’s center is very pretty with cobblestone streets and a precious medieval church. You can’t miss visiting the famous botanical gardens of Villa Monastero and the visit of this patrician mansion that is today a museum full of the villa’s rich objects and furniture. 

If you don’t mind walking, you can follow the path along the Esino River and get to Castello di Vezio, an ancient medieval fortress overlooking Varenna. The castle is also the training of birds of prey and, in the summer, there are daily falconry shows.



A few kilometers south of Varenna there is the village named Fiumelatte that takes its name from the river that flows trough it.  Fiumelatte translates as “Milky River” as its peculiarity is its white colour that makes it looks like milk. The river only flows in the sring and summer, between March and September, while it is completely dry in the winter season.

Hiking to Fiumelatte and the Viandante Path

Guided hiking tours are available to Fiumelatte and the trails that wind around the eastern side of the lake, starting from the village Fiumelatte. Along the trek you can see the "Sentiero del Viandante”, which is the famous for its beauty and panoramic views.

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