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What To Bring

Lake Como is hot and humid during August, with temperatures ranging between 20C (68F) to 30C (86F). August is one of the wetter months of the year, with occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon so be prepared for rain!

Packing List

  • Essentials

    • Passport

    • ATM/Credit Card (most places accept Visa/Mastercard)

    • Euros (if you have them, or you can withdraw from the ATM at the airport upon arrival) 

    • Travel Insurance Details

  • Attire

    • Summer Cocktail Attire (for Wedding)

    • Casual Attire (for Boat Trip, and dinner/drinks in Varenna and the surrounding area)

    • Hat

    • Swimsuit (for swimming in the lake to cool off!)

    • Comfortable Shoes (for walking around the town)

    • Hiking Shoes (if you want to hike some of the trails in the nearby area)

  • Other

    • Sunglasses

    • Sunscreen

    • Umbrella/Rain Jacket/Rain Poncho

    • Phone/Laptop/iPad Chargers

    • Plug Adaptor(s) for Phone/Laptop/iPad

    • Toiletries (if staying in an apartment, you'll need to bring your own shower gel/shampoo, etc.)


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